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Modern Holiday Decor for Your Home - Fa la la la la!

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Do the words “holiday season” bring on equal parts night sweats and feelings of glee? Is your minimalist nature challenged by the thought of trimming a tree with baubles and garland? Then this resource guide is for you my friends. Find all the tips and tricks below for embracing a “less is more” holiday approach without feeling like a total Grinch.

Create an Uncluttered Holiday Fireplace Display

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Step one: Pair down to the essentials. Put those year-round display items in a box in the garage or closet and work with a blank slate. Often, we feel overwhelmed because the visual clutter of the holidays is tacked onto our normal everyday decor, resulting in a jumble of things pushed into a corner to make room for that cool collection of mini evergreen trees.

Step two: Pick one or two decor items and max it out. We love a mashup of evergreens, candles, and five vintage holiday items as much as the next person, but in reality, it takes a good amount of skill or an awesome eye to create such a pleasing display. It's much easier to create a scene that showcases one or two things - I’m thinking... go with the stockings and a color-coordinated tree display, and for-go trying to arrange eight mismatched pieces.

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Step three: Go easy everywhere else! Have you placed the most magnificent magnolia branches around your mantel? Awesome. Now, count that as a win and pick one or two other spots to bring holiday cheer...and stop.

Go rogue with the ultra-chic, albeit unconventional “Modern Christmas Tree®”

It happens every year. We bring the baby Douglas Fir inside, love the forest-y smell, and spend the next 4 weeks dutifully watering and vacuuming up stray needles. And let’s not forget the major tree anxiety that starts settling in right after Christmas day. Should we feel terrible for taking its life and turning it into wood chips? Is there a better way? The yes.

Denver-based Modern Christmas Trees puts a modern spin on the traditional tree with an amazing geometric design featuring varying sizes of concentric acrylic rings. Founded in the 1960’s by engineer Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker, and carried into the 21st century by his Grandson, Matt Bliss, this ultra-modern twist on a holiday tradition the ships to you including all the decorations, classic globes and chandelier crystals. Alternatively, you can purchase it undecorated so you can display your kids’ school holiday art projects.

Do you have a smaller apartment or a home office that needs decorating? Maybe the tabletop size is best for you. Guess what? These trees come in three size options, too.

Use single variety florals

Please, please make a hard pass on the grocery store floral arrangements. You know the kind- with 5 flowers all mushed in a bunch with some greenery. Keep it simple with a single varietal greenery or flowers. We like eucalyptus for an easy display that lasts, but holiday classics like pointsettas work too when grouped together.

The trick with this is to buy at least one more bunch than you think you need. You will need volume to pull this off successfully!

Use some or all of these tips to create a zen like environment amidst all the fruitcake fiascos and cookie frosting. Happy decorating!


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