We all need a stone palace, right?

Have you ever been to a spa that literally took your breath away? The kind that you walk into and are enveloped in amazing scents, heavenly water sounds, and eucalyptus on every surface? That’s what we strove to create in this master bathroom renovation.

We wanted to capture all of it - the heaviness of stone, the lightness of glass, and a soothing color palette. There were just two small problems: First, we were working within a craftsman house and couldn’t veer too far from its original character. Second, we had a budget, because we work for real people with real paychecks.

In order to keep the renovation in line with the existing house character, we kept a few key pieces. The vanity was in good shape and was a beautiful  cherry wood. Not the cherry  found in kitchens from every McMansion built in the 00’s, but a warmer and less shiny version. We simply added some new hardware and inset fluted glass doors and we checked that item off the list.  (Not to mention, it also helped keep that budget in line!)

Photography by Miranda Estes

So, let’s talk money. Have you ever had a home renovation project that ran over time and/or budget (haha)? We were able to keep the budget in check here with a few key tricks. First, we used the fancy, show stopping mosaic tile in one area. The rest of the room received standard 12x24 field tile cut to various sizes. We also kept the layout generally the same. If it works, don’t mess with it, especially if you want to avoid expensive plumbing fees.

Keeping the costs low in some areas allowed  us to invest more in others. And here’s where the “dream” comes into play. We were working with this gorgeous stone counter turned backsplash turned functional shelf. Because of this creative design we were bound by more expensive, larger slabs of quartzite. But ultimately, this ensured the pattern would continue- and it was worth every penny.

For more information on this (and some crazy before pictures), check out Rue's feature in their home tours here.

Let us know what you think of the final result! And if you have been dreaming of a spa bathroom of your own, reach out and let’s talk about how Wilk Design Workshop can make your dreams come true!