After their recent rebranding, SAGA, the team behind Microsoft Edge, contacted us for help tackling a number of issues within their current workspace. They need an interior space that would be more functional and mirror their new brand -- which, according to Grizzly, focused on created a "timeless and iconic" identity that would set them apart within the Microsoft ecosystem.


Their office space lacked a cohesive flow between team stations and users were created ad-hoc lounges to serve as ancillary meeting spaces. The result was an archipelago of floating desks and "lounge islands," creating an inefficient use of space and visually confusing arena.


We looked at this office design project holistically and created a number of different floor plans to allow for focus work and small meeting spaces. The flexible furniture selections allow occupants to alter their spaces based on set guidelines to expand or contract as their teams grow or shrink.

Innovative terrarium wall art adds interest to focus rooms and large corridors, plus keeps meeting times in check. Win, win.