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We work on a variety of small commercial and residential projects but there’s one thing that is common throughout our work - we design places that reflect your highest values so you can live your best life. In a coffee roaster, that might mean analyzing the traffic flows of the baker, roaster, and barista so everyone can operate efficiently in their area. In a residential home, it might mean identifying different zones for work and play and treating the materials differently to absorb or reverberate sound. Whatever it is, we design for you.

We believe that you don’t need a lot of space to achieve good design, but you do need a heavy dose of creativity and an open mind to explore the options. We work with the best engineers, consultants, fabricators, and contractors in the area to bounce ideas off each other and see what sticks. Collaboration is key with building, and we lean on our partners to deliver the best design possible for your unique situation.

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Alison Wilkinson


Alison Wilkinson is a registered architect with over ten years of experience in design and construction.  She has worked on everything from flagship luxury retail stores and innovative green skyscrapers to residential remodels. Her experience in a variety of project types allows her to apply a unique lens to each client.

She received her architectural degree at Carnegie Mellon University and studied in Florence, Italy. Influences from her time abroad are seen in the clean lines and unique, modern inspired designs. Alison attributes her appreciation for the art of placemaking and technical craft to her time studying abroad as well.

Alison founded her Seattle design firm, Wilk Design Workshop, in 2016, after working for Gensler in Seattle and Pittsburgh, and Diane von Furstenberg Studios and Coach, Inc. in New York. Her past contributions to retail, hospitality and commercial architectural design projects have been published in Arch Daily, Architectural Record,  Bloomberg, and the Urban Land.

Alison pairs her technical skills as an architect with a discerning eye for unique furnishings, to create luxurious, modern interior designs for both commercial and residential clients.

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